Monday, September 22, 2008

SEO in 3 Minutes or Less.

It seems I've been waiting for this man my whole life. (ok, ok, a few months anyway!) Steffan Antonas. He's explained SEO for the ordinary person. He's explained keywords for the ordinary person. All pertaining to links. The links you use in your blog. HOW you use links. HOW you write links. And just how to use keywords in those links. And a bit about the importance of linkbacks. (Anyone care to link to me? Let's chat!)

It's helped me to turn my thinking around (and I love when I find information, or a quote, or a blog post that does that! That totally re-arranges the pathways in my brain and gets me thinking bigger, larger, grander....), and all it took was a three-minute read. The best thing? I had no idea at all how important it was to have links in your posts. Keywords, yes. Links? No. Now that I do, it will totally change the way I write posts, do business, and increase my knowledge base for my customers therefore helping them to gain an advantage as well.


To read Steffan Antonas' article, pop by his SEO post and have a look!

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Anonymous Steffan Antonas said...


Thanks for the kind words. So glad the post helped you. SEO's not that hard, when you can get someone to explain it in plain english! ;-) Good luck!

September 22, 2008 3:35 PM  

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